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Brake Repair Services

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Suspension Repair

Worn suspension parts can create noises and effect alignment accuracy and tire wear. Severely worn parts may also pose a safety risk. Suspension checks are performed prior to our alignments to ensure the best possible corrections. Alternatively, they can be provided upon request as well.

Brake Service

Most vehicles are designed with a disproportionate higher braking power applied to the front brakes as opposed to the rear. This will typically result in the front brakes wearing out faster than the rear. Common mileage on front brakes will range from 25 to 40 thousand miles and between 50 to 70 thousand for the rear brakes. Read about the most common brake issues.

Timing Belt

TimingBeltOut of sight out of mind” and “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”. Either of these philosophies can be very costly when dealing with Timing Belts.

The timing belt on your vehicle is not visible as are the drive belts. However it is rubber and will deteriorate over time. In most cases there will be no symptom or advance warning from a worn timing belt. That’s why vehicle manufacturers recommend timing belts be replaced at specific mileage intervals. The typical range is from 60,000 to 110000 miles and can be located in your automobile’s owners manual maintenance schedule. Get details about Timing Belts.

Tune-ups and Major Services

Most manufacturers recommend a major service or tune-up every 30k miles. These services typically include engine air filter and cabin air filter replacement, general inspection of the vehicle and certain fasteners checked for proper torque. Most car makers have gone to longer lasting antifreeze and spark plugs. We will still check the antifreeze for color, level and strength. When antifreeze is replaced it is vital that the correct fluid is used. The incorrect antifreeze may not properly protect the engine  These days there are many different antifreeze types and most manufacturers specify their own brand of fluid. It is also vital that the spark plugs are replaced with the factory recommended part. Incorrect type or brand of spark plug can wreak havoc on a cars ignition system. Keeping up with vehicles maintenance will give you better reliability, fuel mileage and performance.

Factory Recommended Services

Here at Browns Alignment we have access to all the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals information. We know what is due on your car and when. We can perform these recommended services with the same original equipment parts that the dealer offers at a lower cost. Our technicians have many years experience in repair and maintenance and can cut through the fluff of dealer and chain service stations’ service suggestions and recommend what is really necessary to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Engine Diagnostics (Check Engine Light)

Numerous vehicles use electronics and on-board computers to control many of the engine’s control systems, such as fuel and ignition. An on-board diagnostic (OBD) system can often notify the driver of a problem with the vehicle before it becomes noticeable. Find out more about the OBD system.

Tire Repair and Replacement

Every vehicle has specific specification requirements as to what tire should be installed.We absolutely believe that Michelin makes the best tires on the market. We mainly sell Michelin products although we can get just about any other major brands of tires. Bubbles and bulges in the tire sidewall, flat spots, uneven wear resulting in chopping, cupping, feathering, and scalloped tread are all signs of tires in need repair or replacement. Read more about the problems and causes of tire damage.

North Carolina State Inspections

You must have your state inspection done before you pay for your vehicle registration. The State will not accept your money and renew your tags until you have either passed your inspection or obtained a waiver.
The inspection can be done up to 90 days before your registration is due. Get more details about NC State Inspections.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

We offer a pre-purchase inspection for used cars. When you have found a car you would like to buy, let us check it out for you before you buy it. There are all sorts of issues a used car can have that won’t necessarily be obvious to the average person. We check basic things like belts, brakes, tires and hoses as well as inspecting for rust, body damage, and leaks. The technician connects our diagnostic computer to the car to check for trouble codes related to the engine, transmission and brake system. Accessories like air conditioning, radio, power locks and windows are tested. We also test drive the car. A car is a big investment so it makes sense to get it checked out whether you are purchasing it from a dealer, private party, or used car lot.

Car buying tip: get the VIN (serial number) from the seller and have a CARFAX done before even considering the car as a candidate. The car fax will give you valuable information such as whether the title is clean (not a salvage or flood car) and how many people have owned it. Any significant accident damage (that is reported) will be included as well as where the car lived. For example a car from the northeast may have significant rust. Rust can compromise the integrity of the frame and other components and make future repairs more costly.