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Tire Wear

Irregular Tire weartypes of tire wear flatspots, cuppimg, feathering, Browns Alignment Brake Auto Repair raleigh, nc

Irregular tire wear on your tires could point to a larger problems. Knowing the signs and keeping an eye on your tires can save you time and money. Brown’s Alignment Brake and Auto Repair in Raleigh, NC can help you solve your tire problems.

 Center of tire is worn more tire wear then the edges

Tire wear, over_Inflation, Browns Alignment Brake Auto Repair raleigh, NCThis type of tire wear is usually from having the tires over inflated. Poor rotation habits can also contribute. It is best to check air pressure when the tire is cold (not recently driven on). Tire pressure is measured in pounds per square inch (psi). Use the manufacture’s recommended pressure.


Both inside and outside edges (shoulders) of the tire are worn

tire wear, Under_Inflation, Browns Alignment Brake Auto Repair raleigh, ncThis type of tire wear is commonly caused by running the tire under inflated. When the tire does not have enough air it tends to pancake a little and ride on it’s shoulders or edges. When the tires are under inflated there is more drag and friction on the road which will result in decreased poor gas mileage. Driving like this causes heat to build up which compromises the tire’s integrity. Poor rotation and alignment issues will also contribute to edge wear. When tires are under inflated the car will not corner properly because the sidewalls are not as stiff as they should be. Also, the tire pressure drops so does the tires load capacity.

Tire wear on inside or outside edge of the tire

This situation can be a result of improper rotation but most likely this is an alignment issue. If the alignment tire angles (toe and camber) are out of whack the tires will wear poorly. Read more about alignment

tire wear, feathering, Cupping, Browns Alignment Brake Auto Repair raleigh, ncUneven tire wear – chopping, cupping, feathering, scalloped

These conditions may be a result of multiple undesirable conditions such as alignment toe and camber issues. Also, worn or weak shocks and struts or worn suspension parts. Poor maintenance such as tire air pressure and rotations will result in uneven tire wear. Flat spots are often caused by the tire being out of round.

tire wear, KYB_Monroe_Shocks_Struts, Browns Alignment Brake Auto Repair Raleigh, ncWhen does your car need new struts or shocks?

      • Watch for excessive front end dipping when braking.
      • Unstable braking, longer stopping distance when braking.
      • Vehicle sways or leans on turn.
      • Harsh or bouncy driving.
      • Leaking shocks / struts should be replaced.                We sell KYB and Monroe shocks and struts
      • Worn struts can cause tire wear.
      • Contact Brown’s Alignment Brake and Auto Repair,
        for a quote.  REQUEST AN ESTIMATE for struts or tires.

Aging / Ozone / weather cracking/ dry rot

tire wear, tire weather cracking, Browns Alignment Brake Auto Repair raleigh, NC, warranty

This is when the tire starts splitting and cracking. Minor cracks should be monitored. Tires with larger cracks as shown here should be replaced. These cracks are usually first seen on the sidewall but can also occur in the tread area. This can be caused by anything that can help break down the rubber of the tire. Elements that affect a tires rubber life include: age, weather, temperature, driving habits, scuffing curbs , load carried & tire maintenance, storage – is the vehicle garage kept or outside.

It is recommended that tires not be in service more then 10 years. Tire workmanship and defect warranties are usually only for 6 years. If your tires have cracks as shown here they should be replaced.

Bulge or bubble in tire sidewall

tire wear, Tire Bubble, tire burst, popped, Browns Alignment Brake Auto Repair raleigh, NC

This is caused by some sort of trauma to the tire. It can be from a puncture or an impact (hitting a pot hole or curb). The trauma causes the tire to be damaged internally and allows air to seep in between the layers of rubber causing the bubble. This is not a safe condition – the bubble can burst. The tire should be replaced.

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