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Automotive Air Conditioning Repair

June 11th, 2014

Automotive Air Conditioning Repair basics:

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system components include an air compressor, evaporator, condenser, orifice tube or expansion valve and a receiver dryer or accumulator. Of course there are A/C lines connecting the various components. You’re A/C system contains a liquid refrigerant and a small amount of oil lubricant. Your air conditioning compressor converts this liquid into a gas. There are different types of refrigerant. Your house uses a different refrigerant then your car. Automotive refrigerant has evolved over the years to be more environmentally friendly. Your vehicle’s A/C system is a closed system and refrigerant is not burned or used up. So, if your air conditioning system does not develop a leak then the refrigerant would last indefinitely. Cool air coming out of the vents for most cars should be between 40 and 60 degrees. Each car requires a specific amount of refrigerant. If the A/C system has too little or too much refrigerant it will not cool properly. The proper way to check a system is to evacuate the system and the recharge it with the proper amount of refrigerant. Here at Brown’s Alignment we are experts in automotive air conditioning repair. When we evacuate and recharge an air conditioning system we also add a dye to help locate the source of a leak.  The dye is a neon yellow dye that is often hard to see. Our technicians use special glasses and a black light to help located the leak. Once the leak is found then we can give you an estimate for repairing the leak.

For more detailed information please visit / click our AIR CONDITIONING page.

If you are interested in the environmental effects of refrigerant on the environment click here for a link to the EPA – Environmental Protection Agency’s page regarding “Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning”.

Snow Broken Windshield Wipers

February 13th, 2014

Raleigh Winter Storm Tip!  

Broken windshield wipers occur during every Raleigh snow storms. Every snow fall browns alignment brake auto repair raleigh snow broken windshield wipers
people leave their wipers in the on or delay position when they shut the car off. The snow and ice builds up and freezes  and holds the wipers in place. So the next time you start your car the wipers are trying to move and can not. Especially if you are warming up the car and have not cleaned the windshield. So, while the car is sitting there warming up the wiper motor is constantly trying to move. The result is broken windshield wipers. The wiper motor is in a bind and burns itself out and it is also possible to damage the wiper arms themselves. Broken windshield wipers are a common repair every year after a snow fall or ice storm here at Brown’s Alignment and Brake Auto Repair in Raleigh.

Solution to Avoid Snow Broken Windshield Wipers

Try putting your wiper straight up in the air when your car is parked at home during a storm. See the picture above.
This will help you remember to make sure the wipers are off and to clean the windshield before you start the car. Also the wipers will not be frozen to the windshield and will be out of your way when cleaning the windshield. You may not want to do this when parked on a city street or parking lot. The exposed wipers may be too tempting to a passerbyers to not damage them.

Read about North Carolina Department of Transportation winter safety tips page and about how the DOT prepares for Raleigh winter weather. Click  here NC DOT.  This page also contains information about that the roads are treated with and how the DOT determines which roads are treated.