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North Carolina State Inspections

Vehicles made from 1995 and older do not require a North Carolina State Emissions inspection. They are safety inspection only. The vehicles made from 1996 and newer require both the NC safety and emissions inspection. For the emissions inspection the check engine light must be in working order (illuminate when the car is first started) and be off otherwise. For the safety only inspections the check engine light must work but it does not have to be off to pass inspection.

You must have your state inspection done before you pay for your vehicle registration. The State will not accept your money and renew your tags until you have either passed your inspection or obtained a waiver.

The inspection can be done up to 90 days before your registration is due.


Here is a NC vehicle registration card: This is the card we want when we do your state inspection.

To obtain a state inspection waiver you must have:
1. A failed state inspections
2. A receipt for $200 or more for repairs related to why the vehicle failed
3. A second failed inspection after the above repairs were completed
4. Take all this information to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) and if they approve it they will issue you a waiver authorization number.
5. Then you present the inspection station with the waiver authorization number and they will then be able to run a waiver inspection. The waiver is good for one year.

State inspection cost is state regulated and shops can not charge more then the State rates.
– NC emissions & safety (1996 & newer) = $30.00 (23.75 labor + 6.25 for the state’s electronic sticker)

Shops can charge less – we have $5.00 off coupon on the coupon page good for the $30.00 inspection.
– NC safety only state inspection = $13.60 ($12.75 + .85 cents for the e-sticker)